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Most of Gary's recommended bets are at each-way prices, although he may advise a win-and-place approach in certain cases in order to maximise the win potential of the bet whilst safeguarding the total amount staked via the place part.

For example, instead of advising 2 pts each way on a 12-1 chance in a 16+ runner handicap, he may opt for 3 pts win, 1 pt place. Each bet will be treated on its merits depending on the circumstances at the time.

The points system he uses is graded 1-5 (1 pt=minimum bet, 5 pts=maximum bet). It is up to the individual client how much they stake per point. Gary advises setting up a 100-point bank (to cover for any extended losing runs) and betting at £100 per point, provided your budget allows. But you should tailor it to suit your own circumstances. 

There are occasions when he will put up a win-only bet. Generally speaking, these will be at prices of 9-2 or under, depending on the type of race. He rarely tips at under 3-1 and never below 2-1.

As for the number and frequency of tips, this varies according to the quality of racing. On Saturdays and 'festival' weekdays, anything from one to four tips. On ordinary days, probably one or two at most or, indeed, nothing at all.

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